Satellite Development Center

Completion Date: October 2011
Location: ORAN / ALGERIA
Total Construction Area: 31,849 m2
Client: Algerian Space Agency

Algerian Space Agency (ASAL) is a national institution that develops the space activities in Algeria. Bilyap Construction, the subsidiary of KAYI Construction in Algeria, signed the contract for the Satellite Development Centre sponsored by ASAL. The scope of work included the construction of 31,849 m2 of covered areas, the infrastructure, landscaping and peripheral road and shop drawings. Satellite Development Centre has 2 parts; Part A includes the administrative and technical units with the total closed construction area of 23,618 m2. It consists of integration and test building, administrative building and conference centre, geodesic unit, geomatic unit, distant perception unit, UDS unit, entrance control building, infrastructure and road works and landscaping. Part B includes the total closed construction area of 8,231 m2 that consists of 4 building with 40 apartments, villas and sport facilities.