Ozas Shopping & Entertainment Center

Completion Date: August 2009
Total Construction Area: 180,000 m2
Client: ECE Lithuania Project Management (UAB Ozantis)

Ozas Shopping & Entertainment Center is located in Vilnius, the capital and the largest city of Lithuania. With two shopping levels and one entertainment level, it has three retail levels in total with 62,000 m2 leasable area and offering 180 shops, 25 fast food restaurants, cafes and 2500 car parking spaces. Shopping center is located in the Vilnius Entertainment Park (VEP), which is a development zone with hotel, commercial center, water park and an arena for sports, entertainment and cultural events. KAYI Construction undertook the EPC turn – key construction of the Ozas Shopping & Entertainment center and completed the project in less than 2 years time. The grand opening ceremony was held in August 2009 and Ozas Shopping & Entertainment Center is still the biggest shopping center in the Baltic Region.