Chateu Neuf Oran

Date Of Start: March 2017
Location: ORAN / ALGERIA
Total Construction Area: 16,000 m²
Client: DUC Wilaya d'Oran

The Chateau Neuf building is located in the historical and architectural attraction area of Oran City. Its a concrete framework consists of 20 floors which overlooks the old port in the old town for more than 30 years. It is a tower implanted in the middle of a highly archaeological and historical zone in order to fulfill the function of the hotel industry. The tower is located at the top of the ancient Spanish part of the city which next to the famous Palace of Bey whose restoration is planned soon. With 16,000 m² total area, the building sits on a 32,709 m² land. KAYI is EPC contractor of the renovation and finishing works of the turnkey project.