Aktobe Mega Shopping Center

Completion Date: October 2009
Total Construction Area: 45,000 m2
Client: Mega Group

Aktobe is the 4th biggest city and the main city of a large oil-producing region of Kazakhstan. Aktobe Mega Shopping Center was built in the territory of Abai Park, in between the old and the new city centers. Mega Shopping Center is a three-storey building with 29,794 m2 commercial area, 3,300 m2 hyper market, 1,300 m2 electronics market, 2,300 m2 entertainment park for children, 500 m2 ice rink, 75 boutiques, 7 multiplex cinema, 400 seats in the food court area with 13 cafes and restaurant as well as the car park with a capacity of 800 cars. Shopping Center was launched in October 2009 and welcomes up to 30,000 visitors a day. KAYI Construction undertook the EPC turn key of the project.