Abdel Hamid Ibn Badis Mosque

Completion Date: April 2015
Location: ORAN / ALGERIA
Total Construction Area: 63,400 m2
Client: DUC Wilaya D’Oran

The mosque which was built in Hai Djamel Eddine in the east part of Oran, has a distinguished architecture with its 104 meters high glass covering minaret. The mosque includes two large prayer rooms for men and women and a wide esplanade offering a total capacity of 25,000 worshipers. The religious complex also has a higher institute of training for Imams, a center of Islamic Art, a conference room with a capacity of 600 seating, commercial premises and a car park with a capacity of 600 vehicles.
Bilyap Construction, the subsidiary of KAYI Construction in Algeria, is honored to complete the project of the magnificent mosque on time without any delay.